“A massive collective of people with the blessings of Maha Sangha and religious dignitaries is ready to resist the government’s draconian moves.” Opposition leader- VIDEO

The opposition leader said that the majority of the people, including Mahasangharatna, multi-religious leaders, multi-ethnic organizations and the civil community, are against the Anti-Terrorism Act to be presented by the government and even Malwatu Thero has stated that this act is a very scary act and he also agrees with that statement.

It is the sole aim of this government to destroy the democratic rights of the people of this country through the Anti-Terrorism Act and to destroy the democratic rights of the people of this country and all the progressive forces are gathering to defeat this purpose. The leader of the opposition said that he is ready to completely destroy this dictatorial Militia Act which is going to run the government together.

Today, Opposition Leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa made a special statement regarding the Anti-Terrorism Act.

According to the opposition leader, this government is constantly attempting to corrupt people’s rights and using various government forces to take away people’s rights.

The opposition leader went on to say that if this situation continues, the country will become a dictatorship, and that the President is attempting to obtain power that cannot be obtained through the mandate of the people through the government’s military service, and that these attempts to suppress the people will be defeated.

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