A government plan to remove the chairman of the utility commission who stood for the people via parliamentary resolution…!

Mr. Janaka Rathnayake, Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission, says that the two-page charge sheet addressed to him was answered in 25 pages.

While holding a special news conference at the office of the Public Utilities Commission, he said that some of the charges in the five-charge charge sheet sent to him by the President are surprising.

He said that the first allegation was that he filed a case in the Court of Appeal demanding electricity for the high school students during the examination period, and the second allegation was that he acted arbitrarily in that case.

Mr. Janaka Ratnayake pointed out that the charge sheet states that he is engaged in the business of selling electricity as the third charge, and that he opposes the proposal to increase the electricity tariffs by 65 percent on February 15th is the fourth charge.

Mr. Rathnayake said that it is mentioned in the fifth accusation that he issued statements targeting the Minister of Power and Energy, Mr. Kanchana Wijesekera, and he gave clear answers to all those accusations.

Mr. A said that in order to remove him from the position of chairman, the resolution must be passed by the votes of 113 members of the parliament.

Mr. Janaka Rathnayake further said that as an independent commission, the Public Utility Commission worked for the people and this charge sheet can give a good idea of how the government deals with independent commissions.

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