A former teacher of Jaffna University received the highest award from London! Sri Lanka Latest News! 

Dr. Sabesan Sidambaranathan, a scholar who was born in Chavakachcheri area of Jaffna and went abroad after working at Jaffna University, has been chosen to be presented with the highest award given in London for innovation. (Sri Lanka Latest News)

Dr. Sidambaranathan, who is currently working in a London hospital, first developed this device to identify the equipment in the hospital.
Later, the device was improved and submitted to an innovation launch competition held in London, and it was selected to be awarded the highest award in London.

Dr. Sabesan says that when the hospital’s equipment data files are entered into the machine, the items can be found even if they are displaced, and as soon as the patent for this equipment is obtained, they will grant their rights so that they can take steps to distribute these equipment to hospitals all over the world.

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