A fight in Parliament! The MPs take turns on the floor! Speaker suspends session! What happened in Sri Lanka has started to happen in Maldives too! VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

Foreign media reported that during the special session held in the Maldivian Parliament yesterday to get approval for the new cabinet of President Mohamed Muisu, there was a scuffle between the ministers of the ruling party and the members of the opposition. The foreign media further reported that several members of the ruling party who were angry at the opposition’s refusal to approve four cabinet ministers attacked the members of the opposition and continued to enter the speaker’s chamber and obstruct him. Sri Lanka Latest News

Videos of two members of the ruling party beating an opposition member to the ground during the scuffle in the Maldivian parliament and another member of the parliament interrupting the speaker and blowing a horn in his ear are currently circulating on social media. Foreign media also reported that an MP who was injured in the attack had to be hospitalized. The speaker has also taken steps to suspend the parliamentary session due to this situation.

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