A few greedy people have become our leaders! Reason for the country’s collapse is that ! The cardinal foretells of dreadful devastation!

‘In the 74 years since we gained independence, this country has gone backwards. The reason for that is that some selfish people have become the leaders of our country. In the past, what we did was to divide nations and come to power. Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith said that they brought that division from 1956 until 2009.

The Archbishop said this at a Christian religious program held on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the most noble Japamala Parameshwari’s Church in Aluthgama, which belongs to Saint Anna’s Church in Beruwala.

These people tried to spread sectarianism. They tried to create sectarianism by surrounding the Easter attack. We did not get caught in the knot of religious differences. But that is the target of those guys. After that, what was done to create economic division, created a social system to increase violence and terror in the country.’s

So what happened when we did all this, we couldn’t be happy and comfortable. Today we live in Sri Lanka where everyone is living in a very uncomfortable situation.

Ww don’t know what will happen when we wake up tomorrow morning. We should work to change this corrupt system in this country through prayer and active participation as much as we can.

If this corrupt system continues, our country will take a step towards an even more dangerous destruction.

We must lead the country on the right path. That is our responsibility to commit ourselves, dear brothers and sisters, as Christians, that is what we are assigned to do.

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