A father of three was killed in a police shooting! Oh, I shot to scare…! The cop who shot him swears! Disturbed villagers surround the Narammala police.! VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

A person died yesterday afternoon (18) after a gunshot wound in Dampalassa, Narammala. Sri Lanka Latest News

Police Media Spokesman Senior Superintendent of Police Mr Nihal Talduwa said that the shooting took place when a lorry was stopped and checked for disobeying police orders.

A sub-inspector has been arrested in connection with the incident.

The shooting took place at around 06.30 pm yesterday.

The person who was shot was travelling to his home from Katupotha area via Dampalassa area in his small lorry.

The police said that the driver had driven the lorry forward despite the warning given by two police officers on the road in Narammala area to stop it.

According to the police, the two police officers who were chasing the car stopped it in the Dampalassa area and went to check it.

The person who was travelling in the lorry who was injured in the shooting died on admission to Narammala Hospital.

At the time of the incident, a person nearby had recorded it with a mobile phone.

A father of three, a resident of Wetthewa area, died in the shooting.

Meanwhile, with the occurrence of the incident, the residents came near the Narammala police station and there was a tense situation at the place.

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