A drunk cop suspended.

The police officer who danced on stage at a Galle Face music performance early in the morning (28) was suspended by Sri Lankan police yesterday (29) for his indecent and rowdy inebriated behaviour.

Boralanda Police Training College employs this constable. He was assigned to Dam Street Police Station for Christmas and New Year security in Colombo.

This officer and several colleagues went to the Galle face music performance in civilian clothing on the 27th after his day shift. This officer was inebriated. The cops claim he was dancing in front of the stage and then went up to the stage where the music concert was taking place. Two Colombo Fraud Investigation Bureau police constables manning security tried to remove the officer off the stage.

This officer was detained and brought to the Fort Magistrate’s Court yesterday (28) for inebriated and rowdy behaviour. Fort Police said the matter would be heard on January 13. He paid Rs. 50,000 bail.

Gayan Kumara Weerasinghe

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