A 1000 food parcel order from a Colombo university student prompted police to beef up security- Duminda Nagamuwa

Mr. Duminda Nagamuwa of the Frontline Socialist Party said that Colombo University students ordered 1000 dinners from a restaurant at a function held recently and there was a big dispute, and because of that the government has taken steps to provide greater security to Colombo using the army and police.

During a press conference, he stated that the government’s attempt to implement economic reforms in accordance with the IMF agreement would place the masses in real hardship.People will face significant shoks in the coming months, and the government demonstrated its readiness to face such a situation over the weekend by beefing up security.

It is reported in media within next six moths 430 state sector enterprises would be sold. some establishment would be clsoed down compleately , some merged and some totally sold. in top of the list are the oil corporation, SLT, Shipping corporation, water board he said.

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