957 doctors have resigned in a year! Another group have gone out of the country! Maintaining certain treatment units is a serious problem! Sri Lanka Latest News

Acting Deputy Director General of Health Services, Dr. Mr. Wijesuriya said in the Parliamentary Committee on Government Accounts (COPA Committee). (Sri Lanka Latest News)

The Acting Deputy Director General of Health Services said that this group includes 197 people who have left the service without any notice. In addition, 163 doctors have resigned from the service.

He said that arrangements are being made to collect money from the 197 people who have left the service.

Mr. Wijesuriya said that this group includes 526 people who are abroad after taking 5-year leave, and no matter what the problems are, they have to be given the leave according to the government circulars and institutions code.

Mr. Wijesuriya said that due to this, problems have arisen in the day-to-day operations of the health service. He also mentioned that 71 doctors have retired this year.

Mr. Wijesuriya said that there is a shortage of anesthesiologists and doctors in the emergency services and also mentioned that there is only one doctor in some primary units.

He also emphasized that in this situation, there has been a problem of maintaining 24-hour service in some treatment units.

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