94 police OICs have raised funds to provide gifts to police chiefs! Names have been sent to CID! The IGP is very strict on the matter!

The Criminal Investigation Department will conduct an investigation against 94 Police Station Officers in Charge who have collected money despite the orders not to collect money on the direction of IGP Mr C.D. Wickramaratne.

Accordingly, the Inspector General of Police will forward a list of those OICs to the Criminal Investigation Department for investigations.

The Inspector General of Police has mentioned this in a meeting held yesterday (16) through Zoom technology with the Provincial Senior Deputy Inspector generals of Police and District Deputy Inspectors generals of Police.

Collecting money to feed and beautify the police stations for senior police officers who come to participate in annual and semi-annual inspections at police stations, collecting money to give vouchers and gifts to cheer up the senior police officers for the New Year and when the senior police officers are transferred to another area. Police headquarters information stated that these 94 police OICs have collected money to give gifts.

This report has been placed in the hands of the Inspector General of Police by the Special Bureau, an intelligence unit of the police. According to the intelligence reports, it is said that the police OICs have collected money from the officers working under them in various amounts ranging from 3000 to 10,000 rupees and have given gifts worth lakhs of rupees to the higher officials.

The police headquarters information stated that the constables of police, who receive very little salary, have become very uncomfortable due to this and considering the many petitions they have sent to the Inspector General of Police, the Inspector General of Police has investigated this information with the help of intelligence agencies.

According to the intelligence reports, some senior police officers have received money instead of gifts for the New Year and some police OICs have collected two to three lakh rupees from their police officers.

Gayan Kumara Weerasinghe

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