90% distrust govt! New survey report!

Verity Research Institute says that according to the October results of the Island-wide public opinion survey, the people’s approval of the current government’s process is 10 percent and satisfaction with the way things are going on in the country is 7 percent.

Although the people’s approval of the way the current government is working was at an extremely low level last January (2022), it had risen to 3 percent in June and are you satisfied with the way things are going on in the country? In this poll, it has been taken into consideration, and it has become 7 percent in the month of October, the institute says.

In its assessment of confidence in the economy, the figure for June was negative 77.9 and the agency notes that multi-color questions were used to make this assessment.

The questions and calculations used for the referendum were tailored to Sri Lanka, and this survey was carried out so as to be able to survey the entire opinion of a country through a sample representing the people across the country. Veriterisearch represented a sample of 1018 people who were satisfied with the fact that it was used for this purpose. Vanguard Survey (Private) says the same.

Source Lankadeep

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