Are government and opposition lawmakers keeping the Rs 60 billion tobacco tax swindle a secret?(VIDEO)

According to the Alcohol and Drug Information Center, despite the fact that government and opposition politicians have expressed their concerns about the loss of an annual tax amount of 60 billion rupees to the country due to non-imposition of taxes, it has abruptly ceased due to cigarette companies’ pressure.

At the initial stage, the politicians expressed their opinions about this in the Parliament as well as outside the Parliament, but they have mentioned that this doubt is raised through the sudden stop.

They point out that only Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition, should be appreciated for commenting on this matter in the parliament, and the government should pay attention to his statement without succumbing to pressure.

The leader of the opposition alleged that certain politicians and officials are in the pockets of tobacco companies, so they are not taxing cigarette companies.

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