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The new year can mean new beginnings, and your 2024 horoscope will certainly feel like a breath of fresh energy. For the first time in a very long time, the clouds are parting and we can see a glimmer of sunlight and hope. The past few years have been difficult in so many ways, and the year ahead will have its challenges. Still, it will be easier to work through due to the airy nature of the major astrological transits. Communication is key in the year ahead. Talk things out, and we can all breathe a little easier.

Tarot Card of 2024: Strength

The collective tarot card of the year is strength since 2024 is numerologically a number 8 year. We strive to create the life we desire by working hard, letting go of fear, and embracing our power. With determination, motivation, and inspiration, we can lead the life we dream of, not just for ourselves but also for the world. Regardless of the challenges that come our way, we confront them head-on and resolve conflicts that arise in our personal lives.

The Eclipses

This year’s lunar eclipse occurs on March 25 in Libra, and on September 17 in Pisces. Solar eclipses will occur on April 8 in Aries and on October 2 in Libra. These eclipses are pushing us to put ourselves first and boost our self-esteem.

Mercury Retrograde

Get ready: Mercury retrograde will last from April 1 to 25 in Aries, urging us to calm our energy; August 5 to 28 in Virgo and Leo (Mercury retrograde moves into Leo again on August 14), allowing us to be more mindful; and November 25 to December 15 in Sagittarius, offering us unique perspectives.

Venus’s Moves

Venus and Mars unite in Aquarius on January 22, bringing us closer with loved ones. The Sun’s yearly alignment with Venus (the Venus Star Point) is on June 4 in Gemini, giving us a chance to find the intellectual and spiritual connection we want.

Mars’s Backspin

Mars retrograde in Leo occurs from December 6 to February 23, 2025, making us more agitated and aggressive than usual as we try to one up others.

Jupiter’s Revolution

Rebellious Uranus and expansive Jupiter align in Taurus On April 20. This is a time in which the citizens of the world will come together for a cause. Philosopher Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25, allowing us to speak our minds and to be heard.

Pluto’s Evolution

The year starts off with Pluto re-entering Aquarius on January 20. Think about the events of March 2023 — that is the same story the transformative planet will focus on for the next 20 years. Pluto moonwalks into Capricorn one last time from September 1 to December 19 to remind us not to slip back into the past. After that, we’re gearing up for radical changes in technology, community, and space travel that will elevate our planet to the next frontier.

2024 Horoscope By Zodiac Sign

Aries 2024 is a year in which you will begin to understand your personal power. You won’t want to keep friends around who have proven to be untrustworthy. You might cut the cord on a few peeps as a result. The good news is that while you are replenishing your friend group, you will begin to incorporate people into your life who genuinely have your back. If people can’t love you when you’re at a low, they don’t deserve you when you’re on an upswing. Releasing this energy from your life will give you a renewed sense of being and love.

Tarot Card of the Year: The Devil

You possess the ability to extricate yourself from negative circumstances and unhealthy relationships. It is natural to feel obligated to devote yourself to others, but that does not imply that you’re obligated to maintain friendships with them. Whenever you choose, you have the potential to free yourself and welcome positivity.


You are expanding your horizons in 2024. Don’t be afraid to embrace newness. You might find that the unpredictable and unforeseen give you a sense of freshness. After all, we all must grow and evolve with the times, and that means embracing situations or relationships that we never saw coming. You could become besties with a frenemy, apply to a college that wasn’t originally on your list, or take a trip to a place you never knew existed. Instead of running away from these things, let them be a part of your world, as they’ll change you for the better.

Tarot Card of the Year: The World

As one door closes, another opens. Give yourself permission to live how you truly desire. You have the creativity, drive, and motivation to achieve your dreams. Use these tools to paint your canvas with any color you want. The power to craft the world you desire is at your fingertips.


It’s been a while since you last received the recognition you deserve for your hard work and kindness towards others. However, the end of May will mark the beginning of an exhilarating chapter where you will finally reap the benefits of all the planning, plotting, and effort you’ve put in over the past several years. You will be able to enjoy the rewards of your generosity as others will recognize the TLC you’ve extended to them. With your heart expanding, exciting opportunities are coming! Be open to all that the universe is bringing to you, and don’t overthink — feel it.

Tarot Card of the Year: The Sun

2024 holds a lot of promise for you. You’re moving on from past struggles and finding your footing. There is so much to look forward to, including moments of clarity, contentment, and joy. All you need to do is be open to newness. Embrace the positivity that surrounds you, Gemini.


The initial months of 2024 will bring many surprises and challenges your way, ultimately leading you to realize that th

most significant person in your life is you. It’s crucial to prioritize self-care. Remember, you are the most important person in your life, and treating yourself with compassion and tenderness is essential. By getting to know yourself on a deeper and more soulful level, you can achieve a renewed sense of being that will give you the drive to take on anything that comes your way with enthusiasm. Additionally, this process can help boost your confidence throughout the year ahead.

Tarot Card of the Year: 9 of Cups

The #1 person in your life is YOU! Take pleasure in the rewards of your hard work. Enjoying the fruits of your labor will help you connect with your body, mind, and spirit. Prioritize your own needs and desires, and you’ll find that everything becomes possible in the new year.


Your influential spirit can be put to good use in the coming year by focusing on your passions for humanitarian and political endeavors. Your popularity can be leveraged to encourage peers and fellow students to join the cause, creating a sense of unity and purpose as everyone works together towards making a difference. With you leading the charge, people can come together to fight for their beliefs and against injustices. Use your network of friends, classmates, family members, and teachers to unite in the effort. They will want to join. Roar your heart out to help others find their voice.

Tarot Card of the Year: 7 of Wands

To achieve your goals, it’s essential to keep pushing forward despite any challenges that may arise. Your determination and energy are powerful tools that can help you overcome any obstacle. Therefore, never surrender in the face of adversity. Instead, let it serve as a catalyst to drive you towards success.


It’s time to experience the world beyond the internet and witness different cities, countries, and cultures with your own eyes. Exploring and traveling will not only allow you to immerse yourself in the adventure but also help you understand your place in the world at large and connect with people more authentically. You’ll learn much about yourself and the universe, which might inspire you to pursue new interests and hobbies. Plus, you will have the experience of going beyond the borders of your country and creating a diverse group of friends who can give you an education into their lives.

Tarot Card of the Year: Queen of Pentacles

You have a caring and generous nature that motivates you to make a positive impact on the world around you. You enjoy nurturing others and bringing people together, regardless of their differences, to share in a communal experience. Your ability to connect with people allows you to create lasting relationships.


Exciting new friendships and relationships are coming your way, and they have the potential to elevate your social status. However, it’s understandable to feel hesitant about letting then in when you’re afraid of getting hurt. But don’t let that fear hold you back from allowing positive vibes to radiate your existence. You might even want to self-sabotage these relationships, so be sure to check yourself when acting out. As a Libra, it is important to give everyone a fair chance instead of avoiding connections altogether. Embrace the possibilities and be open to what these relationships can bring to your life.

Tarot Card of the Year: The Hanged Man

You’ll face some challenges, but you have the ability to overcome them. You’re someone who knows how to find opportunities even in difficult situations. However, it’s important to keep moving forward instead of staying in one place. Only then can you avoid getting stuck and feel a sense of accomplishment.


You will experience a few minor ups and downs in your vitality in the beginning months of 2024, but you’ll eventually get a break in the last days of spring and summer. During this time, you can focus on reorganizing your life for the better. It is important to take the lessons you’ve learned to heart and consider how you want to shape the future. You have the potential to be a powerful force and make a positive impact on others and yourself. Use this wisdom and energy for good and to help those you care about along their path.

Tarot Card of the Year: The Fool

Trust your instincts. Your gut feelings and innermost sentiments can guide you towards taking risks that will help you grow. However, keep in mind that it’s important to make wise choices and avoid reverting back to old habits. Use your intuition as a tool to take the correct steps forward.


In 2024, love will be a major theme for you. If you’re in a relationship, be prepared to take the situationship to the next level by making it official or introducing your partner to your family. If you’re currently single, don’t worry, as you’re likely to meet someone special in late spring. This person will be vital in your life, and you’ll have an intense bond that will last and transcend time. You may not show your romantic side often, but with this person, you’ll want to do everything possible to impress them and let them see your softer side.

Tarot Card of the Year: Page of Cups

Your eloquence and poetic expressions will improve, enabling you to show more empathy towards others. Furthermore, you are yearning for a romantic love that rivets the audience, as seen in many rom coms. Prepare yourself for an unexpected meet cute with someone very special. Love is solely on your brain.


All the stress you’ve felt for the past 13 years is finally off your shoulders. Now, you can finally have a lighter approach to life and not take everything so seriously. You are letting all the power struggles and triangular drama dissipate and return to who you are without the outside noise parroting into your existence. As long as you are willing to move maturely through 2024, with the confidence that you’ve gained from all of the issues and problem-solving you’ve had to take on in the past years, you will be able to thrive and survive on a high note.

Tarot Card of the Year: 10 of Pentacles

After several years, you have finally arrived at a point where you can confidently take a new stance on matters. Your current focus is to build a strong foundation that provides you with both security and happiness without any external influence. You’re living on your own terms and rules now.


On your mark, get set, go! Get ready to see a shift in your life starting in 2024. The next 20 years will be marked by significant changes that will help you become the best version of yourself. Embrace this pivotal beginning and be open to the new perspectives and opportunities that come your way. This is the time in which you’ll heal and find your true self. You will begin to align with your deepest sentiments and understand how to handle repressed emotions. Remember that moving with the universe can lead to tremendous personal growth. You’re moving mountains, Aquarius!

Tarot Card of the Year: The Moon

Although change can be daunting, it is necessary to become the person you were meant to be. Despite the ambiguity that come with this process, the universe will reveal to you what you need to live a fulfilling life. The only way out is through so don’t resist the process.


Learning important life skills such as managing an internship, job, and paying bills can be daunting, but necessary. Although your family may be pressuring you to adult, understand that they are simply trying to instill important values and mindsets that will help you function as a responsible person in the real world. Don’t be discouraged, instead use this knowledge to your advantage, especially when it comes to finding a place to live with friends in the summer. Whether it be with friends or off campus, knowing how to budget and pay rent will benefit you greatly in the long run.

Tarot Card of the Year: Ace of Swords

Despite feeling insecure, you will soon discover that you have the ability to rise to any challenge. Along the way, you will make many breakthroughs that will ultimately lead to your success. And this is just the beginning of your greatness. More amazing and awesome things are coming. Stay tuned…

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