120 million girls are sexually assaulted annually. Violence kills 40000 children. Violence affects 1 billion children. Parents effect 300 million children. Dullas’ message on Children’s Day, .

Mr. Dallas Alahapperuma sent a unique message on his Facebook page in honour of World Children’s Day.

It can be seen below.

It’s World Children and Adults Day today.

Happy, festive, and greetings to all.

Let us now shift our attention to certain concerns regarding children expressed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

That is the most appropriate greeting for today.

I. Every year, over 120 million females under the age of 20 are victims of forced sex.

II. Violence-related deaths per year There are almost 40,000 youngsters under the age of 17. (40,000).

III. Every year, almost 50% of children worldwide suffer from mental or physical assault. That equates to nearly one billion children.

IV. Approximately 300 million of these are impacted by parents or caring adults.

However, many children’s and adults’ days are celebrated around the world nowadays without any debate or programming.

“Let us offer the children’s world to them!”

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