Will Black July be a bad Omen for the Rajapaksa-RW deal?

(Upul Joseph Fernando’s thurseday review

Deal 1- Coronation of crown prince Namal

Deal 2- Getting IMF fund

Deal 3 – Drividing SJB and crushing aragalaya

Mahinda made a wonderful comment to the media when he was coming out of Parliament after Podujana Peramuna voted Ranil to victo

In response to the journalists’ question about whether he voted for Ranil, he said, “Not at all, we dropped Dullas.” “Dullas lost” in his response.

This is the first statement from Mahinda after Ranil was elected. The person who made this statement is none other than a leader of the Podujana Peramuna. This is an official statement of the party after Ranil was elected as the president.When Ranil visited Ganagarama to invoke blessings after getting elected, a journalist raised the question

‘Did you become president as a friend of Rajapaksa? Ranil, visibly angered by this, replied in a harsh tone, “I am the one who fought against Rajapaksa.”

This is an act …..?’

This act is nothing but three political deals.

The first deal is that Ranil is trying to show that it is not a Rajapaksa government but a new all-party government. The Rajapaksas know very well that without an all-party government, they cannot get aid from foreign countries, including the International Monetary Fund. For that, the first thing they did was to keep Gota as the President and make Ranil the Prime Minister. But it did not get a good response from the IMF and other countries.

The International Monetary Fund and some countries opine that if they are to gave aid, it would stabilize the country’s political stability. They don’t say political stability, but they say peaceful resolution of the Galle Face protest. In other countries around the world, when such struggles arise, they are resolved by a coup d’état. 

What the IMF and nations say is either to hold an election and show such a solution, or show such a breakthrough in the parliament. Rajapaksa’s act, which got Gota as president and Ranil as prime minister, did not work well. The struggle became more intense. Then came the act of making Ranil the President. Ranil got 134 votes to show stability.

Ranil’s government was also captured by MPs from the SJB and Tamil parties, who were also captured in order to portray Ranil’s government as an all-party government.

Scanning the international media response to Ranils assuming office as president will help one understand how this worked to the benefit of the actors in the drama.

Reuters said this even before Ranil became president.

It will be a tragedy if the six-time prime minister wins… – Reuters

We need new faces to make a difference. Activists Say…’ -B.B.C.

‘The struggle begins again when the unpopular Ranil becomes president…’ -C.B.S. News

This is how the international media reported Ranil’s victory.

As a result, it will be difficult for the Rajapaksas to deceive the financial fund and foreign countries by electing Ranil as president.The Rajapaksas think by using Ranil that if monetary fund dollars arrived in to the country, they could come back to the political scene. 

The second deal is to use Ranil to make Rajapaksa crown prince Namal Rajapaksa the president in 2024 and destroy Samagi Jana Balawega.

In the parliamentary presidential campaign, they did not put forward Podujana Peramuna leaders to canvass votes for Ranil among parliamentarians. Instead, they put forward Harin, Manushala, and Vajira to indicate Ranis is coming to form a U.N.P government and grab Samagi Janbalawegaya MPs’ votes. 

Ranil was proposed as the presidential candidate to be seconded by Manusha and Harin was appointed to monitor to show that it is a U.N.P government that Ranil will form. It was the Rajapaksas who advised Ranil to do this. Rajapakse thought he would have to send Ranil’s all-party government around the world and maintain their U.N.P deressing intact. 

Rajapakse opponents are not that stupid. Those who are designing by  clapping their hands to the Rajapaksa’s drama claim that Ranil got so many votes from Samagi Jana Balavega, and he got so many votes other votes and hold hand with Rajapaksa plot. 

 The 20th amendment received 156 votes in Parliament. Pohottuwa voted to strengthen Gotabhaya. There is no reason why Pohottuwa should not vote to protect ther property and politics. Therefore, it is not a big achievement  for the Rajapaksa to get  120 to 125 vote. for Ranil.

65 voted against the 20th constitutional amendment. In  those 65, there were TNA votes and JVP votes. There were also votes of Harin and Manusha. Manusha’s and Harin’s votes were lost to SJB in the parliamentary election to elect the president. They lost  all three JVP votes. The Tamil National Alliance lost a few votes. Analysing this one cannot say that Ranil gain a lot from SJB  what Rajapaksa’ claim is false.

Rajapakse opponents are not that stupid. Those who are designing and plotting and also by clapping their hands to the Rajapaksa’s drama claim that Ranil got so many votes from Samagi Jana Balavega, and he got so many votes other votes and hold hand with Rajapaksa ploters. 

The third agreement is to punish the strugglers who rendered Rajapaksa powerless. The Rajapaksas knew that the end of the struggle of the fighters was a new government and a new president to oust the Rajapaksas. In order to stop it, the Rajapaksas calculated that the result of the struggle must be distorted.

Rajapaksas, on the other hand, wanted to show that they are a great power capable of rising from the ashes. They got 134 votes for Ranil and showed it by making Ranil the president. In particular, Basil Rajapaksa, who was the main enemy of the struggle, showed his strength for the struggle that day. Not only Mahinda, Basil and Namal, but also Gota, who was hiding abroad, showed that the Rajapaksa generation is a generation that rises up to fight.

‘Even if we decide to make Prabhakaran the President tomorrow, we can do it…’

That is the message that the Rajapaksa gave to the country by making Ranil the President.

‘You defeated that man by calling him the Rajapaksa’s contractor. Look, we will make that man president…’

That is what the Rajapaksas told the anti-Rajapaksa voters.

‘Now then will the struggle collapse…?’

The struggle is the people. The struggle will not stop until the problems of the people are solved.

The Rajapaksas were ready to end the struggle on May 9. It set the entire country on fire. When Ranil came forward and said, “Don’t be afraid, elder brother. I will show you how to end the struggle” and the Rajapaksa gave the presidency to him. July is very dangerous.

The Black July of 1983 left the country in flames. The July 1987 Indo-Lanka accord left the country drenched in blood. The Rajapaksas installed Ranil as president and ordered him to launch an attack in July.

Upul Joseph Fernando

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