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The first six days of a film’s release often serve as a crucial indicator of its likely overall success. In this context, two films — Thalapathy Vijay’s Leo and Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan — have commanded attention for their impressive Box Office collections. Here is a comparative study focusing on their six-day net collections in India.

Weekend Box Office

Over the first weekend (Day 2 to Day 4), Leo garnered ₹116.6 crore, with a significant dip on Friday but a gradual rise on Saturday and Sunday. Jawan experienced a somewhat similar pattern but ended up collecting a whopping ₹211.16 crore during the same period

Both films saw a decline in revenue on the first Monday, which is common after the weekend spike. Leo made ₹35.19 crore while Jawan secured ₹32.92 crore, relatively closer figures compared to other days.

First Tuesday Box Office

On Tuesday, Leo is expected to make around ₹28 crore. Jawan ended the day at ₹26 crore, showing a slight downturn, consistent with ‘Leo’.

Total Six-Day Box Office collection

Leo managed to accumulate ₹244.59 crore in its first six days. On the other hand, ‘Jawan stood at a total of ₹345.11 crore for the same time period.

Leo vs Jawan: Key takeaways

Jawan had a stronger start and maintained momentum, particularly over the weekend. Both films experienced a dip on Monday, but Leo managed to stay a little ahead. Jawan clearly dominated the total six-day collection, crossing the ₹300-crore mark while Leo fell short of ₹250 crore.

Source: livemint.com

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