Exclusive Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan Becomes Highest Grossing Hindi Film Worldwide And Will Become Highest Grosser In India Today,All Time Blockbuster!

Shah Rukh Khan’ ‘Pathaan’ is on spectacular run at Worldwide box office with almost every circuit has seen new records. Film has surpassed all expectations and has attained All Time Blockbuster status. 

Film has crossed 378 cr nett in India and almost 729 cr gross worldwide in straight 10 days. Today film will again start 2nd Saturday with almost zero competition at box office which means anything above 25 cr nett is possible depending on night shows.

A massive jump in the next two days will mean a huge weekend. Film will cross ‘Dangal’ tomorrow to become highest grosser ever Hindi film. Fil is already highest grosser film in overseas.

Shah Rukh Khan Starrer ‘Pathaan’ has crossed 364 cr nett in India in 9 days. Film will cross 400 cr nett by end of Saturday or Sunday which will be on 11th or on 12th day of run. This is unimaginable and it has legs to touch 500 cr nett. For sure it will cross lifetime of ‘Dangal’ today to become highest grosser ever Hindi film in India.

Highest Grossing Bollywood films in India (Net Box Office) :

Pathaan Is Now Highest Grossing Worldwide Hindi Film:

Shah Rukh’s ‘Pathaan’ has become highest grossing Hindi film in overseas couple of days back beating ‘Dangal’ with 33 million $ total. Now film is also highest grossing Hindi film worldwide with 725 cr number beating ‘Dangal’. Film has outside chance of crossing 1000 crore worldwide gross and that will be massive milestone.

Source :Box office world wide

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