Actor Dhanush shares his story : How he entered Into ‘The Gray Man’ movie at US premiere

Actor Dhanush, who will make his international film debut with “The Gray Man” movie is currently in the US for film promotions.

“The Gray Man” team held a special screening in Los Angeles, the USA on Monday. Speaking at the premiere event, Dhanush revealed that he doesn’t know how he ended up being part of the film.

Responding to a moderator’s question about how he became a part of the film, he said, “I don’t know how I ended up in this movie. The casting agency one day told me that there is a Hollywood project and I was like OK. And, they were like it’s a big film. Ok, so which film, what film. No, it’s a big film and first, we need your approval. Then I asked please tell me what film and then when they told me and I was like ahhhh (surprised) and I said ok.”

Dhanush said he was excited to work on this big-ticket Hollywood film. 

“It can’t get bigger than that. I was very thrilled, very excited and of course, I don’t say much in this film, but I was super thrilled and I was looking for an opportunity to explore and learn more and this was an amazing opportunity for me and I hope I delivered,” he added.

Talking about Danush’s role, the “The Gray Man” team had said, “He plays one of the top assassins of the world and has two major fight blocks in the film. Dhanush has a great camera presence and we loved seeing him perform,” they said.

The Gray Man movie is featuring Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling as main leads and Dhanush, Anna De Armas, Julia Butters, Jessica Henwick, and Aishwarya Sonar among others are also playing important roles in the upcoming movie. 


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