SLT Digital Services Launches Innovative School Attendance Notification System as part of ESG Initiative

SLT Digital Services, the emerging digital engagement solutions arm of SLT-MOBITEL, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking School Attendance Notification System. This initiative is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, focusing on enhancing child safety and digital transformation in the education sector.

The primary goal of this innovative project is to automate and optimize the process of monitoring student attendance, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and specifically, the safety of children. The system is designed to mark student attendance at various touchpoints including schools, tuition classes, and buses, and immediately notify parents through their mobile devices.

This state-of-the-art system not only boosts child safety by providing real-time updates to parents but also offers full visibility of a child’s attendance to the school. Teachers can easily validate the presence of students as the class information is accessible to authorized personnel. This solution leverages sophisticated biometric and RFID devices.

The pilot phase of this project was successfully implemented in Niwaththaka Chethiya National College in Anuradhapura. This was done in close coordination with the schools, following data collection and necessary approvals from the Ministry of Education.

SLT Digital Services is committed to supporting the Ministry of Education and educational institutes in embracing digital transformation. This initiative is a testament to that commitment with a special focus on enhancing child safety.

Mr. Upul Manchanayake, the Chief Executive Officer of SLT Digital Services said, “In collaboration with Future Network Holding Private Limited, a software and application development partner, SLT Digital Services aims to provide this comprehensive Student Attendance Recording and Notification System to both public and private schools. This service, including the school web application, will be provided without any cost to the schools. Moreover, parents can access this service through an Android and iOS app, also offered at a very nominal subscription to cover the cost of data and the hosting. The necessary device and its maintenance are undertaken to ensure that schools get an uninterrupted and reliable service.”

For added convenience, subscription payments can be made through the HNB Solo Mobile Wallet (SOLO app), providing a seamless experience for parents who opt for the notification service. For more information, please contact 0704240040.

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