Rakuten Viber celebrates global football fans with a new chatbot, stickers, AR Lenses, and more

Viber celebrates football by getting its users into the competitive spirit with fun and interactive features, including a game prediction and leaderboard chatbot, gamified football AR Lenses, and stickers

Football is the most popular sport globally with billions of fans spreading over 200 countries. In celebration of the sport and its ability to bring countries together from every corner of the world, Viber has launched a campaign enabling its users to follow along and engage with all the football news.

Viber’s 2022 global football campaign will help its millions of app users celebrate the sport with match predictions chatbot to inspire friendly competitions within private or group chats. To follow alongside their favorite team, users’ predictions can be posted on the global leaderboard for a chance to win exciting prizes.

Additional features include:

AR Lenses: Viber will launch two AR Lenses for when teams score, themed frames with footballs, and more.
Gamified Lenses: There will also be two gamified Lenses that enable users to try to score a goal or see how many times the user can head the ball.
Stickers: The new sticker pack will feature football-related images and lingo in English, as well as in 18 additional languages.
Channels: Nine sports media Channels will ensure fans stay up to date with the latest stories and breaking news about their home teams.

“With so many passionate football fans around the world, and with Viber’s global audience, we wanted to enable our users to get involved and stay connected to one another. We are excited to offer many different rewards and interactive content to our users,” says Atanas Raykov, Senior Director Growth Top Markets of Rakuten Viber. “Our users can celebrate their home football team’s wins alongside their friends, family, and colleagues. Sharing your predictions, finding out the score of the latest game, or checking the global leaderboard will be as easy as opening the Viber app.”

Links to access the campaign’s assets:
Chatbot: https://viber.com/footballworld2022
Sticker pack: https://stickers.viber.com/pages/football_world_2022_en
Football Challenge: https://lenses.viber.com/e5b3f985-1335-4f36-b5ac-5d6ac6d74e0c/e98d07c5-91f0-460d-bd2a-f2f7196b0ba6
Cheering goals: https://lenses.viber.com/e5b3f985-1335-4f36-b5ac-5d6ac6d74e0c/c2123494-3e5a-4ad4-aab6-0ab0836bda65
Football elements: https://lenses.viber.com/cf02d6a7-b991-47cf-8707-8712bf93c42b/c07a765d-a2ed-4b01-abfe-94e5cc99896c
National sports media channel: https://invite.viber.com/?g2=AQA2p2pgeLSkBVAE4UB%2Bf4pj3H%2FaTuTdkXplz9PIzGubNRYOz4kLNgyMusHgljeU&lang=en

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